Options for Gauge

new to Grafana, running version 9.2.10 on Rocky 9 PPC64le Linux, Prometheus is the data source.

I would like to see an option for a gauge that shows “direction since last time-series data”,
an arrow indicator “up-down-same” would be ideal

my use case is showing a Disk space used gauge that updates every minute. Is there a way to show the change “direction” since the last update?

Hi @bdietz400, and welcome to the community.

Using gauge directly isn’t possible at the moment. In your case you could try the new Stat feature in Grafana 10, the “Show percent change” (Stat | Grafana documentation)

Another option would be playing arround with the Apache E-Charts library Plug-in. The learning curve is bigger but it should work with something like the Gauge Multi Title

Hope it helps.

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it does help, thanks.