Display only gauge change in Graph view


I am using kube-stats-metrics with kube_pod_container_status_last_terminated_reason as a gauge. The gauge can be reporter for few minutes even hours. But I just want to see the change when it goes from 0 or nothing to 1.

I tried in the Explorer

rate(sum by (container) (kube_pod_container_status_last_terminated_reason{reason="OOMKilled"}) or vector(0)[10m] * 60 * 10) > 0

That is working but not in graph views when I want to add to a dashboard.

I tried something like but it doesn’t work:

sum(rate(kube_pod_container_status_last_terminated_reason{reason="OOMKilled", container=~"$container_prefix.*"}[10m]) > 0) by (container, pod)

Something that is working a little bit in Graph view is

sum(changes(kube_pod_container_status_last_terminated_reason{reason="OOMKilled", container=~"$container_prefix.*"}[10m]) > 0) by (container, pod)

But it seems it is missing some K8s pod crash and also graph show too many gauge. I would like only one “event” of crash.

I am sure there is a better an simplier way of handling this.