Openhistorian DataSource with Grafana

Hi, I’m trying to use openhistorian datasource and grafana and them create the plugins and applications. I’m using Windows 8 plattform…

I don’t have experience with grafana and I still don’t know how to configure openhistorian datasource -
available for download on grafana website.

Please, can you help?



Yes. Have you tried installing & running grafana? Any step that you got stuck on that you need help with?

Have you managed to install the open historian plugin?

Hi, thanks for your prompt answer!

I tried to install grafana in Windows plattform, but I didn’t get sucessfull to start the grafana windows service using nssm tool. I still don’t know how is the root cause of this problem…In this way, I’m trying, for this moment, to use The Host Grafana and it works well.

I preferred to use OpenHistorian because its better than openPDC, openhistorian works with version 2.0 and openPDC works with version 1.0.

Please, how can I associate the openhistorian 2.0 version with Host Grafana? I checked that openhistorian 1.0 version is possible and default, but I don’t know how associate the .dll file of version 2.0, and as I’m using Host Grafana, I don’t have the files installed on my machine, and I cannot copy the .dll file (version 2) to my machine.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Torkel, did you get analyze my doubt? Tks / Rafael

Did you try it installing the plugin? On the plugin page there is a install button

Hi Torkel, yes I did, but only version 1.0 is available. What’s happening is that with version 1.0 I cannot use the software openHistorian. For that, I need install plug-in version 2.0

Please, how to agregate version 2.0 inside grafana?


@rofernandes did you get this working - I’m sure I can help you here…

Hi Ritchie, thanks for your help.

I checked that now openhistorian already have connection with grafana. Congrats for the job!

In this moment, I’m trying to put in operation the grafana through openhistorian software.

Thanks, Ritchie!