OAuth2 with Azure Active Directory for sign in to Grafana Cloud

We have followed steps 1 through 7 of setting up OAuth2 for Azure Active Directory to use AAD to sign in to our org’s Grafana Cloud instance.

Step 8 requires modification of the custom.ini. I don’t know how this is exposed through the Grafana Cloud web UI, or if it is even exposed. The closest thing I have found is an OAuth Clients page. This page appears to be about using Grafana Cloud to log in to other Grafana instances. We are looking to have users in our organization authenticate to the org’s Grafana Cloud using Home Instead’s AAD.

Could we get some direction on how to accomplish this?

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Custom oauth is supported in paid version - https://grafana.com/cloud/grafana

Hi jangraj,

We are trialing the paid version (I mentioned this is for Grafana Cloud). I would love some more detail. Thanks.

Grafana Cloud” is a very vague specification. See the provided link, where are specified all packages of hosted Grafana in the Grafana cloud: https://grafana.com/cloud/grafana
OAuth + support is included only in the package with price $90/month.
Be sure that you bought a correct package with OAuth support and then contact your support, which will configure OAuth for you.


My sincere apologies, I now see what you meant. it seems our trial were set up for the wrong plan (“Starter” instead of “Basic”). Thank you!