OAuth-Authentification for E-Mail-Alerting

As Microsoft is disabling the “old” smtp-Authentification for Office 365 accounts I would like to know, how I can configure Grafana to use OAuth2 for SMTP-Authentification.

Nowhere in the documentation or in the community forum did I find any possibility to do this.

Could anyone provide me with a guide to move forward?

@karakalaustria I just edited this post - I think you’re asking if there is a way to configure your Grafana instance to send email alerts (which requires SMTP). I first thought you were asking how to configure OAuth (to authenticate users).

Here are the settings for SMTP so your grafana instance can send emails to your email contact points. This is not for Office 365, but gives an outline of how another user configured SMTP with gmail.

After you’ve configured SMTP with Grafana, you can create an email contact point and enter the email addresses you want to send alerts to:

Sorry, that was not was I asked about :wink:

For now you can only use username and passwort for SMTP authentication.
Outlook365 will change this to OAuth.

What to do in Grafana, when we want to send notifications via email with Outlook365 Accounts?

Microsoft is not removing basic auth for smtp,

As a result, there are no plans to disable Basic Authentication for SMTP AUTH clients at this time. To find out more about OAuth, see Authenticate an IMAP, POP or SMTP connection using OAuth.

See here for more details;