Failed to send test email using SMTP

Grafana docker instance (v 9.3) is installed on Azure cloud and is being configured to send alerts as email to a particular user in our domain.
For this reason, we created an email id (MS exchange server) in our domain and used the following SMTP configuration as given below (assume the mail id is

*enabled = true*
*host =*
*from_address =*
*from_name = Grafana*

However, while trying to send a test email from grafana, we get the following error which says that SmtpClientAuthentication is disabled by Tenant. On discussing with the admin team, it seems this cannot be enabled and hence we are unable to use the above method for sending emails from Grafana.

  1. Are there any other ways of sending alerts as mails from grafana?
  2. If no, what could be the other alternative other than sending mails to inform a particular user about the alerts? Note that we have already done teams integration.

Thanks & Regards

I see the below post regarding graph api in Microsoft to send emails. Does grafana support this??

There has been a post an year ago but no replies are seen there - Grafana support for MS graph api

does it have to be email only? can you use other methods such as slack or teams ?