Number of dashboard Versions kept?

(running grafana 7.3.2)

How many prior versions of a dashboard does grafana keep? (ie versions that you can restore or “compare versions”)

Im referring to:
(xyz dashboard) -> “Dashboard Settings” -> Versions

Im asking as i didnt see a setting in grafana.ini to change or set the number of dashboard prior versions kept, while at the same time on some of my dashboards i have 100s of versions, however if i click on “Show more versions” it only allows me to see up to ~ 20x prior versions. (at which point clicking the “Show more versions” button results in red pop up error = “No versions found for dashboardId XX”)


(nb- even though the error says no versions found , the web gui does show me ~ 20x prior versions, so im wondering if its possible to access more than the prior 20x versions)

(LOVE grafana!)