Grafana UI reloads generates new dashboard version

Grafana Version: 5.2.2

Configuration: Dashboards and datasources are using provisioning configuration to handle all changes and additions

Issue: When reloading, in fact, when Grafana UI refreshes, it automatically generates a new version for each dashboard. A version # for one of the dashboards is up to 1044016 and keeps increasing every 3 seconds.

Question: Is this a normal behavior in Grafana? If so, how do I disable this feature? it seems odd that a reload or a refresh of the UI would trigger such an action. I thought the version generation would only increase if there was a change in the dashboard itself.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The issue was resolved when we found another directory within the /data/grafana/dashboards directory with an older version of the json file. As a result, grafana went back and forth refreshing the files within the directories thus creating a new version each time. It would have been ideal, if grafana checked the previous version, found a match, and instead of creating a new version, use that “older” version it matched on. We’ve deleted the older json files.