Null values still shows connected Lines when "Null" is selected

Hello all,

i’m using Grafana 6.6, Zabbix 4.0 and Zabbix plugin 3.10.5. And I’m monitoring process related information using Windows perf counters (e.g process handle count). This handle count metric is collected every 30 seconds from Zabbix.
I noticed a strange issue when selecting small time range ( e.g. 3 hours) , graph still shows an solid line even i chose “Null Value as Null” option. However, if selecting bigger range (e.g 12 or 24 hours), I can see the gap, which is something I prefer and expect. Please see below

(3 hours)

If selecting 12 hours, I can see the gap as below

Is this a bug?
Also, if selecting Bars or Pointers instead of Lines, there is a gap in either one. So only Lines has this issue.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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