Now/w as relative time not work

Hi, Im using now/d and now/M as relative time and those works well but now/w doesn’t show a week but day, is this a bug or what I’m doing wrong? Im using 6.7.3 version

Edit. Ok I realized that Sunday is the first day in US. How can i change that it is Monday?

To avoid this I am using now-7d/d

I do not know how to query This week so far or This week

Using This week so far starts on the Monday for me. I think you might have misunderstood the “so far” part. It is Tuesday today so This week so far shows Monday and Tuesday.

This is obviously not what you wanted. What are you looking for? Last week? Or the last 7 days?

My this week so far starts from 4/26 so it was Sunday.

Do you see the same thing on the demo site:

What time zone is your browser or OS using?

Anyway, just adding a day to the from part should work I think: