Relative Time - Relative to Range Picked?

hi quite new to grafana - hwr: amazing tool

newest version of grafana

q: to what is the Relative Time Option of the Query Options relative to? Always to ‘now’?

Is it possible to make it relative to the picked range of the dashboard?

fi. give me always -30d from the picked ‘to’ value of the picked time range?
(if that q was to stupid maybe focus on the other ones, im sorry)

no clues? is my question confusing?

Hi @jacobhaemmerle

I have a similar question. I’d like to set up my Dashboard with a default time range of a specific weekday of the previous week.
It seems like this should be feasible by starting with a relative time of now-1w/w, but I’m not sure how to specify the day-of-the-week.

I’m pretty sure I achieved this in Splunk once upon a time, but I’m not sure how to get this capability with Grafana.