Notifications - what decides when next notification is send if an alert continously fires?

I am not trying to solve a problem, just want a better understanding.

  • An alert is setup, evaluation every 5 minutes.
  • Alert condition becomes true.
  • Alert will start firing.
  • Notification is send according to policy and contact point.
  • Condition stays in alerting state for next week.
  • No silences or mute timings settings are touched.

What decides when the next notification is send in this case?

I would assume every evaluation interval.

I tried some testing and these are the times email arrived, but not 100% sure if some state changes did not play role. Will test some more with a better test of when constantly firing alert sends notification. But I thought I still ask.

I would say that it depends on notification policy → Timing options - > Repeat interval. Of course, there can be other variables, e. g. grouping which may affect it.


Thnx for helping out the blind… like hike could I have not seen it there.

Also my second test confirms the 4 hours +5 min group interval to work


@dotheevo /@jangaraj Today I was implementing mute timings and exactly thought of similar thing but I am still confused if I overrite the Repeat Interval to 30s it still not triggers the alert even if the rule condition is true. Can you please let me know what could be going wrong ?

Any suggestions ?