Notifications not working: failed to notify <user>, not allowed


I’ve set up Grafana Cloud to deliver push notifications to me and have a setup that works for me, i.e. I receive push notifications on my Android mobile.

I also added two colleagues to it who are using iphones. I try to send them alerts but they cannot be delivered. On the Alert Groups page for the test alert it says:

  • failed to notify , not allowed
  • failed to notify , not allowed

But I have no clue why it is forbidden.

Test alerts from the user’s page work, so the app is connected successfully. What can I do?

It is not clear how did you configure it. Grafana Cloud doesn’t have native support for push notification IMHO, so you must use some 3rd party service for it, but your description doesn’t mention any details.

With Grafana OnCall. It looks like it was an authorization issue. They are both admins now and it works. Before that I gave them all roles related to Alerts, but that didn’t suffice (or wasn’t synced properly).