Not using date/time on x-axis but a customized session time

I am working on a pet project about getting F1 telemetry data from the F1 2020 Codemasters Xbox game and showing them on Grafana dashboards using InfluxDB as data source where data are stored.
I already have everything in place but the only thing I don’t like is the “time” showed by Grafana on the x-axis which is a date/time. This works fine when the “timestamp” I put into the InfluxDB measurement is a timestamp unix epoch while doesn’t work well if as “timestamp” I see a “session time” which is the time running during the F1 simulation (so it always starts from 0 … and misures the lap and so on).
Is it possible with Grafana not using local real date/time (or unix epoch) but plotting a different “time” on the x-axis? I would like to correlate telemetry data (i.e. speed) not corresponding to a date/time (i.e. it happens at 5:30 PM) but on a relative time on a lap (i.e. after 30 seconds of the game started).