Not able to get proper count on the graph - Grafana8.2.4

Hi there!

I wanted to have the syslog plot on Grafana dashboard. With Influxdb1.8 as a datasource I had imported 12433 syslog dashboard on Grafana. Now I am trying the same with Influxdb2.1 as the data source. I have altered the query to match the way how Influxdb version2 needs i.e, in Flux. Though I am gettting some bars, the count of ‘Info’ on mouse hover seems to be not right.

Any help on taking me to the right way is much appreciated!

Welcome to the Grafana forum. Can you please post your full Flux query and the results it returns (as a table, preferably)? Your screenshot is not legible to see what the values on the x- and y-axis are, or what the hover over displays.