Non-beta yum repository contains test version?!

Hi, during last night’s yum update, a version grafana-7.3.0~test-1.x86_64 has been installed. This must obivously be a bug in the repo. How can there be a test version as the primary install candidate? 7.3.0 has not even been released as a beta.
Can anyone comment on this?

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Yeah, unfortunately a scripting bug led to uploading of this test version to the wrong repos. Sorry! We’ve removed the RPM packages already, but the repos need to be re-synced, which should finish today.

The RPM repos should be back to where they were now. Sorry again!!

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Any chance of restructuring the RPM repository to support architecture based sub directories for each architecture of Grafana RPM?

As Spacewalk fails to sync because you have a flat structure where you mix different architecture RPMs within the same flat directory. This breaks RPM mirror tools like spacewalk.