Adding to spacewalk

At the moment, the installation guide for RPM based systems recommends we add to as a repo on local systems.
I would like to manage grafana’s updates through spacewalk for my infrastructure, but I am not sure what URL to assign to this repo in spacewalk, as it looks like every combination I tried returns a 404.
Just an extra bit of information, our spacewalk is already configured and working for other repos, and all our machines are x64 and run Centos 7.
Could anyone help me with this?

I posted this as a “bug” on github but it was closed as they deemed it a ‘comment’ for the community. ( see here - )

Grafana is one of the few suppliers that breaks the RPM architecture based directory structure where each architecture for an RPM file is under its own directory.

Mixing multiple RPM architectures in one directory breaks RPM sync tools like spacewalk

We may be faced with writing a WGET script to extract the x64 RPM and placing it in a mirror REPO which adheres to the RPM directory layout so Spacewalk to sync it correctly.