nodeGraph with mysql


grafana version: 8.5.0 OSS
data source: mysql (local)
OS: Windows

Trying to connect my 2 mysql queries to the NodeGraph plugin. My data has two frames nodes/edges. Per the Data Api Node graph | Grafana documentation, I believe I have all the is needed but the nodes are not plotting, I get No Data


How query/data looks like?

here you go

drop table IF EXISTS nodes;

create table IF NOT EXISTS nodes(id int, title varchar(50), 
mainStat integer, 
arc__passed float, 
arc__failed float);

insert into nodes(id, title, mainStat, arc__passed, arc__failed)
drop table IF EXISTS edges;
create table IF NOT EXISTS edges(id varchar(50), source int, target int);
insert into edges(id, source, target)

Interesting that mysql plugin only has the following format types

export type ResultFormat = 'time_series' | 'table';

maybe I should do a pull request if this effort does not pan out.

It works for me. Grafana 8.5.2 - you don’t need a real tables for simple testing:

Start with this simple example and if it works fine, then add more fields. Fields are/have been case sensitive, so keep in mind mainstat!=mainStat. You can starts with nodes only, maybe string edge id is a problem.

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nice! let me upgrade and see what happens. thanks so much @jangaraj