Node upgrade 16 => 20

Has anybody successfully used Node version 20 with a Grafana plugin? We’re still using 16. If you’ve had success with a newer version, can you please share the changes/upgrades you needed to make? Thanks in advance!

@dcheckoway our tools support always the latest node LTS which at the moment of writing is 18. We’ll work on bring support to Nodejs 20 when it gets close to LTS state.

In the mean time, could you tell us more of what is failing for you with nodejs 20? I have tested some plugins and tools with it without any problem

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Thanks @academo . I had been trying to upgrade from 16 to 20, and I bumped into some dependency version conflicts (versions that create-plugin had used by default). Nothing I couldn’t get past if I put the time in, was mainly curious if others had already worked through that & had a shortcut to share. :slight_smile:

FYI, I just upgraded to 18 (lts/hydrogen) no problem.