Is there an easy way to figure out the latest grafana version supported by your plugin?

In the plugin.json file there is an option called grafanaDependency.
Is there an easy way to figure out this version?

I don’t think it’s exposed by the API, but since Grafana serves the plugin assets, you can make an HTTP request to /public/plugins/your-plugin-id/plugin.json.

I wrote a helper function for this a while back that might help:

Oh, thank you, but I meant how to figure what to write as the grafanaDependency.
Like before you publish a plugin.

No easy way, unfortunately. I tend to set it as low as I can, typically >=7.0.0, and then test the plugin on the earliest supported version for every new feature I add. If it breaks, I evaluate whether it’s worth bumping the required version, or if there’s another way to do it.