No instance matching 'SQLEXPRESS' returned from host 'localhost'

I’m running Grafana from the command line on my windows machine and would like to add a data source to my local SQL Server (SQL Express). When trying to add the data source I get an error message saying "
No instance matching ‘SQLEXPRESS’ returned from host ‘localhost’". I’ve tried to change ‘localhost’ into the computer name, the fully qualified domain name, etc. without any progress. I’ve checked that the SQL Server Browser Service is running. I’ve checked the firewall (UDP 1434). I can connect to it using the SQL Management Studio of course. The Grafana log in the ‘data’ folder shows nothing really.

What else can I check or do to troubleshoot this?

You’ll need to enable tcp and port 1433. SQLEXPRESS does only have named pipes enabled by default which is not supported in Grafana. You should be able to configure it using this link.

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That did it! Thanks!