No graphable data

I am using Grafana v8.1.2.
I get my data from influxDB. I can see my data in the table form. I can’t see my data in the graph. Why is it so? Do I do anything wrong or miss out anything?

My query goes like this
SELECT “value” FROM “device_frmpayload_data_mydata” WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval) fill(null)

I also got the error of InfluxDB Error: GROUP BY requires at least one aggregate function.

My time column is YYYY-MM-DD HR:MIN:SEC.

Also, regardless if I use Graph or Time Series visualization, I can’t see any data on the graph.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi @nelky22

What does your data look like in the data graph? Can you share a screenshot of the table and the query editor below?

Hi @mattabrams,
Thanks for your reply.

I found the cause of why graph can’t be plotted.

It is because my variable pkFreq in my javascript decode function has to be in number. Currently it is in string form. That’s why it can’t be plotted.

I have to convert it to number like this
‘pkfrequency’: parseInt(pkFreq)

Then it can be plotted out.


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