Nextcloud integration

Hello everybody,

I’m student and for my final internship, I must realise in Nextcloud an integration plugin.
Project which should be integrat is Grafana obviously.
I don’t have any ressources to start this project.

Do you have any documentation for this mission?

Thank you very much for your feedback!

I think you will have to explain in a bit more detail exactly what it is you
want to integrate into what.

For example, do you want to integrate Grafana’s dashboard display into some
part of Nextcloud?

Do you want to integrate monitoring of the Nextcloud service into Grafana?

Where does a “plugin” come into this?

More detail on what you’re trying to achieve will help people advise on how it
might be done.


Thank for your answer and sorry for the imprecision.
I will try to explain clearly what I want to develop.

The objective is to do the same as with the integration of :

Integrate the entire application in nextcloud.
Sorry if I’m not clear.
Thanks for your time.

Surely then this is more of a question for a NextCloud list / forum?

It seems you need to know how to integrate something into NextCloud more than
you need to know how to do anything with Grafana.