(News panel) RSS feed from local file

Hi all,

I am trying to read an RSS feed that I have on the server.
I tried using the News panel but to no avail

The URL fields reads


The local file is reachable using the browser and it shows the contents. I am using this file just for testing WABEsense blog because it works in another News panel I have.

Thanks for any help

helo and welcome to the forums, did you try it out with a internet rss feed?

Hi @melrose thanks for your answer.
Yes, of course (I mentioned it in my question). I have the WABEsense pelican blog and it works perfectly with the rss feed from there.

It might be that I am just missing the right format of the url.
If I go with a browser to http://localhost/mylocal_rss_feed.xmlI get the contents of the file. With that I assume the file is correctly hosted (right or wrong?). when I put that url into the panel it generates the error shown.

I was expecting that something like file://path.to.my.feed/feed.xml would work as well. But it doesn’t. This would be nice because then I do not need to host the feed on an html server.

what does the error log say?

where do I find the error log?
If you mean the error printed to the panel it says “Error Loading News”