New User Question: Regarding Tables

Hi guys, I was just wondering if there is a way to add a column into a table where I/the user can manually edit text on the table itself; essentially, a “Notes” column.



Where would these notes be stored at?

Hi there @yosiasz ,

Currently all information in the table is stored in a SQL database. After some more research, I’m not sure what I want is possible; I want this column to be specifically editable via grafana rather than having to edit the SQL db and then refresh the grafana page.

Hope this makes sense. Cheers.

I think apache echarts grafana plugin has that feature


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@yosiasz It’s a Data Manipulation panel if I understand the question:

@jacobharris There is no way to update it directly in the table unless creating a custom plugin.
To update the data we created the Data Manipulation panel to use a form and interact with API. Here is the video explaining the concept:


Love the :oncoming_police_car: :ambulance: :rotating_light: siren sound effects :joy:

Does not take away from amazing product

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Perfect! Thank you very much @mikhailvolkov

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@jacobharris There are multiple examples of how to use it and more videos on YouTube.

You are welcome to ask questions in the repository.