Create a button that add a value in a table in database

Hi everyone, i’m new on grafana , i want to make a button that add a value in a table in database, any help please

I think you’re starting from the wrong end of the information flow.

Grafana takes information out of data stores and displays it in dashboards and

It’s the responsibility of something else to put the information into the data
store for Grafana then to work with.

Maybe if you explain the purpose for wanting to put information into a
database from Grafana, someone might suggest how to achieve what you want.



i need to put {type:“Energy”,“code”:9} in a table in the database when i need from a button in grafana, my boss want that ,they finish the full application, and he give me that mission

I think that you can do that kind of things now with for example the plugin Data Manipulation Panel from Volkov Labs:


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There is also a Button panel that allows to have a button without data input:

@pooh, Take a look at the article where we explained our approach: