New to Grafana - Questions

Hi, I recently setup Grafana to monitor my servers and I have a few questions.

I’m using telegraf reporting to a influx 1.7.10 (on docker) and using Grafana 6.7.2 (on docker)

  1. I notice when I use “auto” interval on my dashboard, the graphs don’t update until the full interval expires. For example, if the “calculated auto interval” is 1hr, then my graphs all stop drawing on the right side for an hour. So, for example, if it’s 3:59, then there is a 59-minute gap on the right of the graph. At 4:00, the graph will be extend all the way to the right again and then get worse over the next hour. Rinse, repeat. Is there a way to fix this but still get the graph smoothing for auto-interval?

You can see the difference in these two graphs:
graph (auto interval):

graph (10s interval):

  1. I have some metrics that just return true/false. Is there a simple graph widget that will show just a light that is green for true and red for false? I haven’t really found any widget that works for simple boolean values.

  2. I have both load1, load5, and load15 gauges as well as the graphs above for the load values, but I’ve noticed they don’t show the same current values. I think it’s because the gauge just shows the last value but the graph calculates the last value based on the interval calculations. Is there a way to run the same query used for the graph, but just pull the last value such that the gauge current value matches the current value from the graph or some other way to get the two values to match?

Any help would be appreciated.

The system wouldn’t let me embed three images, so here’s the image showing the gauge and graph for load not matching up.

The current queries are as follows:

SELECT last("load1") FROM "system" WHERE "host" =~ /^$host$/

SELECT mean(load1) as "load1",mean(load5) as "load5",mean(load15) as "load15" FROM "system" WHERE host =~ /$host$/ AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($interval), * ORDER BY asc
(Note I tried last() here as well, and still don’t get the same results as the gauge)