New 5.0 interface is a home run

Looking at the nightly build of v5, and I must say you all have done an excellent job with the new interface. For a lager team with many dashboards, this is going to make a huge difference in organization and usability.



Thanks! We have worked really hard on v5 and is more excited about this release than any other.


Can you post some screen shots?


Looks splendid. Great new features. Do you have an estimation for the release date?

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Looks splendid. Great new features. Do you have an estimation for the release date?

First beta will be in January after we all come back from vacation and then depending on the feedback we get and how many changes we need to make, we’re hoping that the full release will be a few weeks after that.


Ahhhhhh, 5.0 interface is just too good to be true LOL. Thank you for building such a great tool and give it away to the community.

Is there a chance that the feature to edit dashboard JSON directly becomes available in the 5.0 release?

Don’t think so. You can see what are working on in the alpha milestone and the 5.0 milestone (not everything in the 5.0 milestone will make it):

Just more feedback for future features: sub-folders/ nesting of folders (unless I am missing it, I don’t see how to add them in the current nightly build).

For example, I would like to create a folder labeled ‘Users’, and then sub-folders labeled by username.

My use case is for a large team with hundreds of dashboards. The new ‘Folders’ capability is already a huge win (thanks again!). Nesting folders cleans it up even further.


I agree the new interface is really great! Thanks for all the hard work! I’m not sure if this is the place where i can leave my feedback but here are some of my thoughts after playing around with 5.0 for a bit:

When dragging a panel other panels sometimes get pushed to a different row, i think I would prefer if panels try to stay in the same row when they shift position to make room for the panel thats being dragged.

It took me a little longer to distribute multiple panels horizontally with equal widths (in this case 5 panels), in the previous version I used the ‘span’ option to do this. Maybe it’s just something I still need to get used to, eventually I managed. It might be nice though to have a way of entering a width (or percentage) manually.

The automatic hiding and showing of the sidebar makes it behave a bit nervous in my opinion, also when I hide it by pressing the logo and come back to my laptop a few minutes later it will automatically show again. I think I would prefer to have a ‘Auto hide’ checkbox somewhere in the settings.

I noticed that a right-aligned legend in a piechart panel wasn’t showing, i copied the .graph-legend-rightside css rules from a previous version back to public/sass/components/_panel_graph.scss and this seemed to fix it. If you want I can create a issue for this on github.

I hope this feedback is helpful, and again I’m really impressed with the new 5.0 interface!

I love the idea of drag and drop but on this one I think we need the option to “pin” graphs so that they won’t move and so that you can design around them. The “push down” of lower graphs when dragging is painful at times but this is definitely a UI experience I want working as it’s phenomenal and really intuitive. At the moment it has a habit of really destroying/messing up existing dashboards though

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There’s an issue for nested folders. Please upvote it with a :+1: there if you want this feature.

But it sounds to me that your use case is much better solved using permissions, i.e. dashboards with permissions that only a specific user/team should see .



Thanks for the feedback and kind words!

There’s an issue that’s right now are planned to be fixed in beta 3 release.

We may consider something to ease creating these kind of layouts.

We’ve had quite a few regarding the sidebar - see issues. I suggest that you evaluate the latest beta 1 release and/or the nightly build from master and see if you still experience problems with the sidebar.

Please note that a new version of the pie chart panel was published a few days ago and should be fixed, see issue.