Release Notes v5.3.x


5.3.0-beta1 (2018-09-06)

New Major Features

  • Alerting: Notification reminders #7330, thx @jbaublitz
  • Dashboard: TV & Kiosk mode changes, new cycle view mode button in dashboard toolbar #13025
  • OAuth: Gitlab OAuth with support for filter by groups #5623, thx @BenoitKnecht
  • Postgres: Graphical query builder #10095, thx svenklemm

New Features

  • LDAP: Define Grafana Admin permission in ldap group mappings #2469, PR #12622
  • LDAP: Client certificates support #12805, thx @nyxi
  • Profile: List teams that the user is member of in current/active organization #12476
  • Configuration: Allow auto-assigning users to specific organization (other than Main. Org) #1823 #12801, thx @gzzo and @ofosos
  • Dataproxy: Pass configured/auth headers to a Datasource #10971, thx @mrsiano
  • Cloudwatch: CloudWatch GetMetricData support #11487, thx @mtanda
  • Postgres: TimescaleDB support, e.g. use time_bucket for grouping by time when option enabled #12680, thx svenklemm
  • Cleanup: Make temp file time to live configurable #11607, thx @xapon


  • Alerting: Its now possible to configure the default value for how to handle errors and no data in alerting. #10424
  • Alerting: Fix diff and percent_diff reducers #11563, thx @jessetane
  • Alerting: Fix rendering timeout which could cause notifications to not be sent due to rendering timing out #12151
  • Docker: Make it possible to set a specific plugin url #12861, thx ClementGautier
  • GrafanaCli: Fixed issue with grafana-cli install plugin resulting in corrupt http response from source error. Fixes #13079
  • Provisioning: Should allow one default datasource per organisation #12229
  • Github OAuth: Allow changes of user info at Github to be synched to Grafana when signing in #11818, thx @rwaweber
  • OAuth: Fix overriding tls_skip_verify_insecure using environment variable #12747, thx @jangaraj
  • Prometheus: Fix graph panel bar width issue in aligned prometheus queries #12379
  • Prometheus: Heatmap - fix unhandled error when some points are missing #12484
  • Prometheus: Add __interval, __interval_ms, __range, __range_s & $__range_ms support for dashboard and template queries #12597 #12882, thx @roidelapluie
  • Elasticsearch: For alerting/backend, support having index name to the right of pattern in index pattern #12731
  • Graphite: Fix for quoting of int function parameters (when using variables) #11927
  • InfluxDB: Support timeFilter in query templating for InfluxDB #12598, thx kichristensen
  • Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: New __unixEpochGroup and __unixEpochGroupAlias macros #12892, thx @svenklemm
  • Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Add previous fill mode to $__timeGroup macro which will fill in previously seen value when point is missing #12756, thx @svenklemm
  • Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Use floor rounding in $__timeGroup macro function #12460, thx @svenklemm
  • Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Use metric column as prefix when returning multiple value columns #12727, thx @svenklemm
  • Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: New __timeGroupAlias macro. Postgres __timeGroup no longer automatically adds time column alias #12749, thx @svenklemm
  • Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Escape single quotes in variables #12785, thx @eMerzh
  • Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Min time interval support #13157, thx @svenklemm
  • MySQL/MSSQL: Use datetime format instead of epoch for __timeFilter, __timeFrom and $__timeTo macros #11618 #11619, thx @AustinWinstanley
  • Postgres: Escape ssl mode parameter in connectionstring #12644, thx @yogyrahmawan
  • Cloudwatch: Improved error handling #12489, thx @mtanda
  • Cloudwatch: AppSync metrics and dimensions #12300, thx @franciscocpg
  • Cloudwatch: Direct Connect metrics and dimensions #12762, thx @mindriot88
  • Cloudwatch: Added BurstBalance metric to list of AWS RDS metrics #12561, thx @activeshadow
  • Cloudwatch: Add new Redshift metrics and dimensions #12063, thx @A21z
  • Dashboard: Fix selecting current dashboard from search should not reload dashboard #12248
  • Dashboard: Use uid when linking to dashboards internally in a dashboard #10705
  • Graph: Option to hide series from tooltip #3341, thx @mtanda
  • Singlestat: Make colorization of prefix and postfix optional in singlestat #11892, thx @ApsOps
  • Table: Adjust header contrast for the light theme #12668
  • Table: Fix link color when using light theme and thresholds in use #12766
  • Table: Fix for useless horizontal scrollbar for table panel #9964
  • Table: Make table sorting stable when null values exist #12362, thx @bz2
  • Heatmap: Fix broken tooltip and crosshair on Firefox #12486
  • Datasource: Fix UI issue with secret fields after updating datasource #11270
  • Variables: Skip unneeded extra query request when de-selecting variable values used for repeated panels #8186, thx @mtanda
  • Variables: Limit amount of queries executed when updating variable that other variable(s) are dependent on #11890
  • Variables: Support query variable refresh when another variable referenced in Regex field change its value #12952, thx @franciscocpg
  • Variables: Support variables in query variable Custom all value field #12965, thx @franciscocpg
  • Units: Change units to include characters for power of 2 and 3 #12744, thx @Worty
  • Units: Polish złoty currency #12691, thx @mwegrzynek
  • Units: Adds bitcoin axes unit. #13125
  • Api: Delete nonexistent datasource should return 404 #12313, thx @AustinWinstanley
  • Logging: Reopen log files after receiving a SIGHUP signal #13112, thx @filewalkwithme
  • Login: Show loading animation while waiting for authentication response on login #12865
  • UI: Fix iOS home screen “app” icon and Windows 10 app experience #12752, thx @andig
  • Plugins: Convert URL-like text to links in plugins readme #12843, thx pgiraud

Breaking changes

  • Postgres datasource no longer automatically adds time column alias when using the $__timeGroup alias. However, there’s code in place which should make this change backward compatible and shouldn’t create any issues.
  • Kiosk mode now also hides submenu (variables)
  • ?inactive url parameter no longer supported, replaced with kiosk=tv url parameter

New experimental features

These are new features that’s still being worked on and are in an experimental phase. We encourage users to try these out and provide any feedback in related issue.

  • Dashboard: Auto fit dashboard panels to optimize space used for current TV / Monitor #12768


  • Frontend: Convert all Frontend Karma tests to Jest tests #12224
  • Backend: Upgrade to golang 1.11 #13030