Netatmo weather station visualization


I own a Netatmo weather station og would like visualize the collected data. I know it is possible to do this connection and generate graphs. I found this site on the web, but have now data skill to implement this:

Is it a big job to set up the connection to Netatmo, do I need som hardware or software? Do I have need to program something by myself? Is it actually possible for somebody without data skills to realize this?




To quote the article you referenced:

If you just want to see your Netatmo data in a beautiful dashboard, go to my free web service to register for an account where the dashboard is already set up for you.

If you use this you don’t need to do anything as far as I understand.


Marcus, I am trying to load but it fails to load. It eventually brings me to “” with the message:

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

Is your service still available?