Need to add/insert Static US geographical map into a panel and mark location based on longitude and latitude

Method -1: I have tried to use GEOMAP plugin for the same but graph is not remained static and can’t apply different color coding based on different time zone.

Method -2:Tried to use Text Panel and using HTML am able to integrate static graph but then I want to mark location on the map using longitude and latitude which is not happening, source of this longitude and latitude is dynamic JSON data.

Basically , I need to dynamic mark location based on JSON on the static geographical map and apply different color on based on timestamp.

NOTE:- Input JSON data has longitude, latitude,city and timezone .please help/suggest how to solve in this case.

Might want to take a look at this

A plugjn for grafana


Documentation on how to work with GeoJSON with coordinates:

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Thanks @yosiasz for the ideation. This plugin may solve the case, will explore and come back with results.

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Thanks for sharing @mikhailvolkov …exploring on this.

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