Need some guidance in plugin or app development

Hi Guys,

I understand this question is way too broad and I should have been bit more specific while asking for help. But, due to lack of my understanding on Grafana i am feeling bit lost.

Problem Statement:
I have been asked to add a functionality in Grafana such that user is able to generate a report in pdf format which includes user specified queries (under some settings section).

Now, user clicks on highlighted icon in attached image, user will get option to select some data-source and clicking on submit will generate PDF report.

Now as per my understanding this custom component needs to be an App plugin in order to accomplish it. What I want to validate “Whether my understanding is correct or not”?
Also, if there are some blogs or video resources that might be helpful as well.

Yes you are correct. You need an app plugin for that.

You can refer to the tutorials section for the guidance on how to build an app plugin.

And this github repository is where you can start your development with.

Due to some major improvements we’re looking to make to app plugin development, we’ve been pausing the work on docs. You can look at the starter app that @kdmohide mentioned. There’s also the draft for the tutorial on app plugins that we’ve yet to publish:

You can also look at the Redis app for inspiration:

@marcusolsson Do you have a rough estimate on when we can expect these “improvements”? And are breaking or deprecating changes expected?

Deprecating, yes. Breaking, likely but can’t say for sure.

One of the planned improvements is to use react-router for setting up the custom pages. You can follow the progress here:

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