Need Professional Services Category

It appears that the only support available for Grafana products is through the community forum, or via Slack, unless one subscribes to Cloud-Pro or Cloud Advanced. For Open Source, or Enterprise – self hosted, response to a problem is dependent on the random availability of someone with knowledge of the issue on the forum or slack. It may take days for a response to come, if it ever comes. There are times when we need dedicated support, to whom we can go to solve a difficult problem, and in a timely manner.

Of course, one cannot expect to get that kind of dedicated engagement for free. Hence, I suggest that a category be created where Grafana users may connect with individuals or companies who wish to offer professional, paid support.

I recommend this category would be only a meeting place for people needing professional services and those offering it. Grafana labs would not endorse in any way a party advertising their services, and it is entirely between the parties to negotiate terms, services and rates.

Would you please create this category?


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We are actively creating a galaxy of partners worldwide. So something would happen regarding that but I gueninely don’t know what it’s going to be.

In the mean time, if you need Pro Services, you can ask a Grafana rep (they already can match you with a relevant third party) or myself.
If you want to become a partner, contact me !

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