Grafana Consults For Hire?

We have recently been using Grafana to connect to our Elastic Search cluster. I am looking to see if there are any users who are very comfortable with Grafana who would be able to provide some consulting support? I have reached out to the sales support team at Grafana Labs; however, this level consulting currently isn’t supported. Ideally we would like a bank of hours (say 10 hours) where we could get on a Skype call to get some help setting everything up correctly.I am looking for a bit of help in the following areas:

  1. Setting up Grafana for High Availability
  2. Integrating Grafana to CloudWatch
  3. Custom Plugin Development

If there is anyone who is interested in this please let me know.


We only provide this level of support services to our enterprise support customers:

First off thanks for all the hard work on Grafana. I talked to your colleague Jacqui this week about the different support levels this but Ideally we were looking to initial purchase some consulting hours to help with prototyping some of our dashboards to ensure that Grafana will meet all of our needs.

If you know any Grafana developers/contributors who would be open to helping us out just drop a line here