Need help with plugin templating documentation

I have been trying to build new datasource plugins.But I cannot find the documentation to use grafana’s template components (like <query-editor-row>).

I have read these article but don’t help me: (Since I am a new user, I can only post 2 links.)

RIght now, I need autocomplete for Select input. I have read, but I cannot find how to use it. I don’t plan to build the template for query_ctrl and config, because I still believe they already exists.:joy:

Are there any references for me to read to build datasource plugin?

Just for sharing, Other than templating, Implemented the datasource’s abstractions are really hard. Like I don’t even know what should I return for datasource(). I can only assume it must return Promise Object…

After struggling for 2 weeks, I can use references on grafana github built-in plugin

But still need to trial and error to get used to them.