Need help with Override Field name with Regex

Hello all,

I am looking for your help to replace name field with regex expression
All my field names looks like and i want to use override option to show only K1, E2, etc.
zigbee2mqtt.state{Device: K1}
zigbee2mqtt.state{Device :E2}

I am using following regex ^.Device: ([A-Za-z][0-9])} however it doesn’t replace the fields.
Any suggestion and help will be really appreciated as this regex is working when tested in regex101 site.

Obviously the regex is capturing the value but replacing it with $1 :frowning:

Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 11.23.55

I do not have much time at the moment, but perhaps you need slashes (e.g. /.*/ ) in the or regex field in order to escape the curly brackets?

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I figure it out , it’s working only in Transformation via - Rename by regex .
Field override do not change name via regex.

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