My local api service "https://localhost:5001/weatherforecast" was failing when configure in Infinity url

I was trying to access my localhost web api.
CORS is enabled
but when i paste the url i am getting the below error

error getting response from https://localhost:5001/weatherforecast

The same url in the browser is working fine

Browsed in my edge browser, the same url is giving result

This is killing. can you please help me ?
My application is ASP.Net core 3.0 Web API

Hi there… it seems the grafana server is not able to access the url. Can you check curl command in the server itself?

I am the author of the infinity datasource. I would suggest to check in the project repository.

Hi ram,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry for the late response.
I modified with another working url.
if i use that url in the browser, i am able to get the data, but if i put this in the settings, I am not able to get the data

Direct Browser result:

Please help in this.

Note : I am doing this in my windows 2008 & 2016 server (VM). I mean mine is windows environment.