Can the InfinityDatasource Hit a Local Endpoint

I have an API that exposes and endpoint that is used for diagnostics. I’d like to call this endpoint with the InfinityDatasource plug-in.

The endpoint is an internal api deployed in AWS ECS that and is not publicly facing.

When I try to use the datasource for this web site I get an error (I’m doing a GET). It doesn’t say what the issue is. It only says “error getting response from [https://myapi]”

As you can see from the example url above it is using HTTPS. Now sure if this is an issue or not.

I’ve not used the Infinity datasource specifically, but in principle that should work. Can you check the specific error in your browser’s network log? Also maybe share your full datasource configuration.

@kshull - Can you make sure you are able to access the URL from where grafana is running. Infinity plugin proxies the request to the server where grafana is running instead of making direct connection from the browser.

Hi @yesoreyeram,
I’m not sure how I’d test that since my Grafana instance is running in a Docker container in ECS. Let me think about that.

I am able to connect to the API from Grafana. I have a link that will take the user to the Swagger page for the API, so that tells me Grafana is able to access the API.

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