Multiple series from single query

I am monitoring events from a number of servers.
I have a Redshift (postgresql) query which returns a time series of:
[time , num_events]
for the whole system.
This query works great.

However, this is a cloud system, and I have multiple transient servers processing these requests. I would like to create line graphs showing the performance of each server-node.
However, none of the server-nodes are fixed. At any time a node can be brought up or down.
So I do not know the number of server-nodes, or their names in advance.
I have to actually run the query in order to get them.
So I can easily generate a query that returns:
[time , node_name ,num_events]
Now I want to graph this query with a line for each server-node.

How should I approach this in Grafana?

That is exactly, what you just need.

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That works great