Multiple rows with single stats


hopefully someone give me a hint…

I have following in my influxdb

time node org site tag value

1544817188367305760 de-s4-rtr01 rvbd-labs DE-S4 DE-S4 3
1544817188384796722 de-s3-rtr01 rvbd-labs DE-S3 DE-S3 1
1544817188389245113 de-s3-rtr02 rvbd-labs DE-S3 DE-S3 0
1544817188394842383 de-s4-rtr02 rvbd-labs DE-S4 DE-S4 1

I created different variables in my Dahsboard

So far so good i created a row with repeats for $site, which is fine

and now to the part which makes me crazy

Next screenshots follow

Any help is appreciated.


My Dashboard looks so

My goal was du have the Panels grouped by site

like this

My Metric is following