Multiple Metrics one table

I have zabbix using snmp to get metrics from a ruckus zonedirector.

For the Access points there are 3 metrics I would like to have in one table.
These are listed as a separate metric for each ap.

AP MAC Address: Name
AP MAC Address: Auth Clients
AP Status MAC Address

I would like to have a table that shows all the Access points like this

AP Name | Status | Auth Clients

AP1 | Connected | 5 Clients
AP2 | Connected | 30 Clients
AP3 | Disconnected | 0 Clients

Is this possible?

Hi! Unfortunately, it’s not possible now.

I also have a mysql connection to zabbix setup in grafana. Is it possible to do in this?

Yes, it’s possible, but tricky a bit. You should write proper SQL query for this.