How to combine hosts with different metrics in a table


We want to use a table as I drew in picture. Our datasource is Zabbix.

I have been searching a way to show our host like that but cannot find any solution.
( columns in my drawing are for example. They can be changed. )
Is it possible to do that table with Grafana?

Edit: Names in hostname column would be host001, host002, host003… I forgot to increase hostname numbers :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean to say the columns are not static but dynamic?

U could use dynamic text plugin for this.

Thanks you for your answer.

What i mean is that we want to see all our windows servers’ ram and cpu usage in a table.

We can do this in zabbix, i will upload a photo, but we cannot give zabbix dashboards to our users for some reasons.

Each row shows different host’s metrics.