Multiple lines in Time Series

I have a table in Mysql with a field that stores the timestamp, another field with the “device_id” and another field with the value “angle”.
In turn, with a variable, I can select the “device_id” from which I want to display data.
But if I select two or more “device_id” it does not show me a line for each one of them but a line continues to appear.
How can I make a line appear showing the “angle” data of each of the “device_id” that I select?




Try to select also device_id in the SELECT section.

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When I do this the data doesn’t show

Yes, that’s only one part. Use query inspector to see how is that variable populated with multiple values selected and set correct variable format, so right SQL syntax will be generated in the WHERE section.

Use transformation tab to select time series and then select multi frame

Thanks yosiasz, but doesn’t works
I’m doing it right?


You sure are. What data type and timezone is your timedate column?
Is device_id column an integer or a string data type?

Can you provide some sample data in csv format like

2023-05-25 07:22:26,1001,23.5


timedate is datetime
device_id is integer
posicion is float

can I send to you a csv file?

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Cool. Just post your csv here. open it in notepad++, copy and paste here like I mentioned ealier

2023-05-25 07:22:26,1001,23.5


1001;01/01/2023 0:00;10.98
1002;01/01/2023 0:00;10.93
1003;01/01/2023 0:00;10.82
1004;01/01/2023 0:00;10.99
1005;01/01/2023 0:00;11.06
1006;01/01/2023 0:00;11.02
1007;01/01/2023 0:00;11.1
1008;01/01/2023 0:00;11.04
1009;01/01/2023 0:00;9.1
1010;01/01/2023 0:00;11.05
1011;01/01/2023 0:00;11.0
1012;01/01/2023 0:00;11.2
1013;01/01/2023 0:00;9.62
1014;01/01/2023 0:00;11.18
1015;01/01/2023 0:00;11.12
1016;01/01/2023 0:00;11.14
1017;01/01/2023 0:00;9.04

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Works for me. You need to make sure the timestamp is UTC





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