Multiple items on Polstat

Hi Dear,

I wanna add more than one items in a circle. I have to write a conditition.This conditition is ; if device names are same for example CPU and UPTIME information write in a circle.

When ı add 2 items ,it’s add like bellow picture.

I want like this.


You can create a composite that will rotate through the two metrics, but it won’t display both at the same time.

@bkgann thanks for answer. How can ı create one composite and takes multiple host .I did what you said but ı have more host. Should I create a composite for all host?

That would be only way currently.

Here’s an example:


The metric argument takes a regex as well as individual metrics names, so you can group them all together as long as the alias has something unique (like the hostname)

You’ll end up with two composites:


If you have suggestions for making this more robust, I’d be happy to look into it.

Being able to dynamically create composites would be an interesting enhancement.



its a verry usefull information for me.Can we write a metric for same name.I have big data . I have 4 items for all host but ı dont know what I write for metric.This composite should combine those with the same name.


If you can post the queries being used and the datasource I can probably help

this is my datasource.


I want like this.


Using your example, you would alias each metric for “New York”, then name the composite “New York”

If the query was “distance to network york”, aliased as ny_distance,
and "hours to new york, aliased as “ny_hours”
You could make a composite named “New York” and have the metric match “ny_*”

Same for can be applied for Paris.

The actual datasource being used makes a difference on how to query for the metrics, but the above is the general idea.