Issue while using composite in Polystat plugin

I have been trying to figure out using composte in polystat plugin. I have created 3 metrices for CPU, Memory and Disk as follows. I have also created a node template variable, which is used for selecting multiple nodes.Note the legends are marked as {{instance}}_CPU, {{instance}}_Memory & {{instance}}_Disk. The instance is equal to the $node template variable.

Now I am trying to create a generic composite using the $node variable as follows

Now when I select a single node, the CPU,Memory & Disk is details are showing as expected.
However the problems arise when I select multiple nodes, a single node shows the details of multiple nodes, ie. CPU ,Memory, Disk details are shown multiple times and threshold calculation is also done based on all the values.

note: I have tried defining composites for individual nodes separately and its working fine.But that’s not helpful when you have to move your Dashboards to multiple environments.

Can some one guide me on defining dynamic composites or tell me where am I going wrong. I am using Grafana version 6.6.1

Can anyone help me on this? :cold_face: