Multiple Influxdb data data sources

Might be a little off-topic, but some general advice, please.

I want to monitor some 60 servers. I want to put infulxdb (collecting from collectd) on each server, rather than having one central instance.
resilient - if it goes down, then only stats from that server are lost.
predictable - being a TSD, it’s easier to know exactly how big the DB will grow for each machine (a minor point, I know)
Performance: only queries and results go across the wire, rather than data (this might even be more data), although 60 machines could generate a lot of traffic?

Multiple datasources in grafana

Any advice, please - I instinctively dislike my solution - it feels “wrong”, but I’m growing to like it.


Doable yes, but I agree feels kind of “wrong”. Another con is the hassle of having influxdb running on each host adding load on the actual machine.

In general I think that 60 machines is quite small :slight_smile: I would vote for going for central instance and add hardware as you find needed. You can also use influx db clustering if you need HA, but I think you’ll need to pay for that.

Would recommend you to ask the same question in the influx community as well:


Thanks for that. You hit the nail on head with the paying thing. I’ll probably experiment with both setups.

PS permissions was the issue, (which I saw immediately once I twigged that there was a separate grafana.log, on the plugins thing.)


Okay :slight_smile:

Don’t want to recommend something over something else, but i’ve personally had great experience using prometheus for monitoring servers.


Thanks, others are pointing me in that direction, too, so I’ll take a look.