InfluxDB best practises


I am setting up a Grafana system with an InfluxDB. I intend to monitor both Windows machines and Linux machines, also possibly a VMware infrastructure.

Is it ok to put all of the queries from these different sources into one main database (at present I have the standard “telegraf” DB setup on InfluxDB), or is it better to have a seperate DB for each set of clients:

i.e 1 DB for Windows
1 DB for Linux
1 DB for VMware hosts ?

I guess to simplify, is it ok to have 1 datasource for mixed platforms or do I need to have seperate datasources?

Thanks in advance

you can have on DB for everything, I think the only reason to split your data into multiple influxdb databases is permission control


Thanks for confirming. I thought I’d ask in the early stages of development rather than realise I’ve made a mistake further down the line!