Multiple data sources

Hello All,

I use two data sources: Prometheus and Postgres.

I have servers in both Prometheus and Postgres data sources. There are a few servers that are not there in Prometheus but exist in the Postgres data sources.

I want to add a filter where the dropdown should be All, Reachable and Unreachable.
If we click All, every instance should appear.
If we click Reachable, all reachable servers should appear, similarly to Unreachable.

But using Prometheus query up we can find Reachable and Unreachable servers. This means if I click the Reachable option from the dropdown I can able to see Reachable and Unreachable also work fine. But when I select the All option I am facing this issue.

My problem was If I click the All option it has to show all servers. The servers which are not present in Prometheus should be present. How can we do that? Can we apply transformations to achieve that?

Any leads?

Thanks & regards,
Bharath Kumar.


Is thia different than this?

yes @yosiasz. It is different. In my previous post, I am asking about how to create a custom variable and here I am asking if I click the ALL option how can I get the desired output which I mentioned above.

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