Datasource variable, multi-value/all options, how it works?

Hello :slight_smile:

I have two prometheus datasources, let’s call them Prometheus-cluster0 and Prometheus-cluster1.

I build a dashboard with datasource variable pointing to mentioned prometheus instances. That variable has enable ‘multi-value’ and ‘all’ checkbox on variable configuration site.

  • Variable prometheus output:

If I will select more than one of the prometheus datasource, on graphs we will see only data from Prometheus-cluster0. So the option “All” does not work.

Is there any possibility to implement drawing on one graph from different prometheus using datasource variables?

I know that in the graph configuration I can use “Mixed” datasources and do the same trick but the problem is that if one of the datasource is not available the whole graphs isn’t working. Sometimes we do shutdown of specified cluster and we want be sure that grafana graphs will still work for other datasources.

Here is an example:

  • Configuration of mixed datasources:

So on graphs we can see metrics from both prometheus instances, but if one of them is not available, graph isn’t working anymore.

So my question is if there is any method to continue drawing graphs even if one of the datasource doesn’t work? Or maybe for datasource variable we could implement correctly drawing graphs when multi datasource are selected.

Grafana version which I use: 6.3.5
Operation system: Tested on linux and MacOS

Thank you in advance.