Multiple data sources with same ad-hoc variable name?

I have multiple data sources in use on the same dashboard page. Each data source contains different aspects about an event. But they all use a field which is called “eventId”. When I load the page, I would like to load one ad-hoc variable with the same name for each data source. But I see that i can’t create an ad-hoc variable with the same name, even for different data sources.

Is there some other way to do this? It’s not desirable to add a second unique name in each data source (e.g. “ds1_eventID”, “ds2_eventId”…) since it is the one field that ties the data together. The ad-hoc variable works fine for my Dashboard that uses one ElasticSearch index , and works fine for my simple-json data source on it’s own dashboard page. But using panels that include each data source on the same dashboard page is a problem.

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